Microsoft ERP + HIS = MedAX

MedAX is an Hospital Information System providing single solution for hospitals to utilize, and simplify all medical, operational, and financial business flows, which is developed on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft ERP + HIS = MedAX

MedAX has specific healthcare industry features, and functions on top of Microsoft ERP solution to develop strategy with operational execution, manage trends, and performance, optimize and align resources.

Microsoft ERP + HIS = MedAX

MedAX is explicitly designed for healthcare, which means it offers the broadest, deepest solutions for all organizations that serve the healthcare delivery model.

Microsoft ERP + HIS = MedAX

MedAX is not a third-party hospital information management system integrated with an ERP, but fully developed in and for Microsoft Dynamics 365.


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation raises the bar for delivering powerful ERP capabilities and supporting operational efficiency in many key functional areas.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes capabilities such as supplier relationship management, case management, and the Audit Work Bench, as well as important enhancements in the following domains: finance, sales and marketing, procurement, project accounting, human capital management, supply chain management, inventory management, and global risk and compliance.

  • Global (Ready for 40 languages & 129 country)
  • RoleTailored User Interfaces
  • Built-in Industry Capabilities
  • Core ERP Suite Capabilities
      • Finance
        CRM (Sales & Marketing)
        Procurement and sourcing
        Project Management and Accounting
        MDM (Master Data Management)
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Workflow
  • Framework
  • Integration tool
  • Web Client & Mobile Client


MedAX is an integrated Hospital Information System developed in and for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP to provide medical and business solution for hospitals.

- Policlinic
- Inpatient
- Surgery
- Intensive Care
- Laboratory
- Radiology
- Pharmacy

Full integration, and traceability overall business processes.

- Episode and Visits
- Patient admission, and follow-ups
- Medical assistant tools
- Billing, and Collection
- Contract Management
- Accounting
- Task Management
- Costing

Integrated information management system for managing all business processes.

- Cockpits for top management
- Managing collection risks
- Efficient cost accounting
- Gaining strategical advantage with correct information flow
- Efficient management of cash flow
- Departmental cost analysis
- Business work flow management
- Multiple language, and currency

- One ERP solution for overall medical and business processes
- Claim provisions, and collections
- Utilization of Balance Sheet, and Budget performance in all dimensions
- Traceability of all patient process from start to end
- Integration for third party information providers
- Integration with Laboratory machines, and PACS
- Contract management for doctors, and billing payment process

MedAX Solutions

General Inpatient System
General Outpatient System
Clinical Applications
Care Plans / Protocols
Patient Billing
Staff Scheduling

Hospital Information System (HIS) Functions

Person and Patient Database
Appointment and Resource Management
Patient Admission
Episode and Visit
Operation and Procedures
Front Office Cash Management
Agreement Management
Claim Provision and Collections


Person and Patient Database

ERP General Address Book
Person has multiple roles
Worker, Patinet, Contact etc.
CRM, and HIS are the same database
Person has extendend with medical properties


Appointment and Resource Management

Appointment over one database
Resource management and resource types
Person, Operation Room, Radiology device, etc.
Appointmnet with multiple resources
Resource planning with available time ranges instead of predefined lots


Patient Admission

Patient admission
Business rules on admission
Flexible forms based on agreement rules
Episode management with linked visits


Episode and Visit

Episode management with related visits
Interclinic inpatient-outpatient relations
Multiple payer within a visit
Provision management with Insurrance companies
Multiple payment methods within agreement
Advance payment management



Clinic based examination forms
All physition activities performed on a single form.
Daily traces for inpatient
Flexible forms based on clinic, gender, age, medical condition etc.



Complete LIS functionality
Device Integrations
Biochemical, Microbiology and Pathology
Multiple Laboratory include external laboratories
Sample management with barcode



Results with predefined templates


Operation and Procedure

Complete workflow with indication and appointment.
Operation theatre with plan and actual
Staff management
Priceng rules based on theatre parametres
Expense management.



Inpatient room, and bed management with rolling movements of patient
Nurse traces and drug administration
Expense management


Front Office Cash Management

Daily collection reconciliation
Multiple collection methods,
Cash, credit card, gift certificate etc.
Backoffice transactions,
Wire transfer, Cheque, Virement etc.
Advance Payment managment.


Agreement Management

Multiple Price lists
Score based price lists
Dimensions on price lists,
Doctor based
Facility based
Date Effectivity on price lists and agreements
Agreements definitions with detailed terms
Prices calculated with terms over price list definitions


Claim Provision and Processing

Visit based claim provision
Provision results used for calculated patient share on prices
Provision negotiations can be saved on visit file
Merge visits on single billing for defined period


HIS Technical (IT) Functions


- Microsoft SQL Server

Development Audits

- Dynamics AX support multiple version control systems. On site development activities can be auditable over version control systems. All code changes include upgrades from Microsoft and ETG are fully transparent and auditable before applying to system.

Disaster Recovery

- All data and business logic stored in Microsoft SQL server which has wide disaster recovery policies
- N-tier architecture allows sizing on server level and give opportunity user Windows servers clustering and disaster recovery tools and policies

General Architecture

- Dynamics AX is a three tire ERP application with database-application server-client tires. Basically an up-level development environment with a data and object oriented language and an UI design system.
- All modules including MedAX and other ERP modules are relies as an open source application in that environment and can be fully customized through user’s needs.

Hardware, Operating System and Underlying Software

- Microsoft Azure, on-prem, cloud

Localization and localization

- Multi language
- Standard ERP modules has wide regulations and financial localization coverage, and local support at any region

Network and Network Interface

- RPC based communication between application servers and rich client
- WCF interface for integration purposes
- Cloud
- Microsoft Azure


- Microsoft Power BI


- Microsoft Active Directory integrated
- Highly sophisticated inner security system defined as tasks, task groups, roles, privileges etc.
- Action and form security
- Table security with columns and rows with different access levels
- Supports delegation
- Supports non enterprise users and proxy authentication

Security Audits

- Microsoft Dynamics 365 has built in “Compliance and Internal Controls” module has ability to trace user security configurations.


- Microsoft Dynamics 365 multi-layered development environment allows applying any upgrades supplied by Microsoft or

MedAX without compromising customer site customizations and implementation

- Both Microsoft and ETG has roadmaps for applications and beta testing program

Tracing history(Audit trail data export capability)

- Any data including definitions, main and transaction data can be traced by change tracking system with user and timestamp information
- Microsoft Dynamics 365 has built in database logging system. All activity can be logged per user and per table basis and selectively by transaction type, conditions on data itself.

User Interface

- Microsoft Dynamics 365 Rich Client for on prem
- Any internet browser
- Mobile Device Framework

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Empower sellers with insights to personalize relationships, predict customer needs, and increase sales.

Dynamics 365 for Retail

Create personalized shopping experiences that unify digital, in-store, and back office operations.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Exceed customer expectations across self and assisted support with empowered agents that deliver personalized experiences.

Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Serve customers better through proactive maintenance, predictive scheduling, and first-time fix.

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Deliver customer projects on-time, within budget, and become a trusted advisor.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Modernize your business operations across finance, manufacturing, and supply chain to drive new growth.

Dynamics 365 for Talent

Attract the right people and seamlessly onboard, engage, and grow your talent.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Unify sales and marketing content, data and process with Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud.


Target Market/Customer

Size of the market your solution is targeting:
- Large Providers– Acute (ACOs, multi-hospital health systems, community hospitals, chronic disease management)
- Key Customer Roles– CXO, Marketing, Customer Service
- 20+ beds, single or multi location, Inpatient and outpatient

MedAX Solution Description & Messaging

MedAX is a complete HIS (Hospital Information System) developed and positioned in Microsoft D365 for Financials and Operations as an ERP module. MedAX enables healthcare organizations to connect strategy with operational execution, manage trends and performance, optimize and align resources, connect disparate technologies, and deliver actionable insight and intelligence.

Key supported workloads are:
Back Office
Cash Management, Claim Provision and Processing, Agreement Management, Corporate Agreements, Health Tourism

Patient Management
Person and Patient Database, Appointment, Patient Admission

Medical Management
Radiology, Operation & Procedure, Episode and Visit, Examination (EMR), Laboratory (LIS), Radiology (RIS), Inpatient, Emergency Medicine

Wins/Current Opportunities:

Description of current opportunities your team is engaged in
- 20+ open customer opportunities, and 30+ international partner opportunities

Recent Wins
- Al-Amal Hospital (Jordan)
- Dunyagoz Group Hospitals -15 Hospitals in Turkey
- Dunyagoz Group Hospitals - 5 different locations in Germany, Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands
- Primary Care (Saudi Arabia)

Questions To Customers

- Do you feel that your company has the right systems in place to satisfy HIPAA requirements?
- What kind of visibility do you have into your current supply chain?
- How strong is your traceability capability to determine risk and impacted clients once an issue is identified? Are you transacting at a case by case or batch invoicing of control?
- How are you maintaining a regulatory approval matrix in your ERP systems to control transactions and distribution of services to specific regions/jurisdictions?
- What’s your current back office solution?
- How are you coordinating insurance claim operations?

Partner Business Model

The sales cycle: Microsoft or Partner?

- ETG can work in a leadership position, or support a Microsoft or complementary partner led sales cycle

Marketing campaigns ? Thought leadership
- , Web page, Marketing plan is developing for FY20

Licensing/Revenue Model– ISV, SI, Consulting
- ISV and ETG Partner Channel

D365 for Finance and Operations + AppSource? If not, what are the barriers?
- Currently upgrade is underway , expected delivery FY20

Other MFST products your solution ties in
- Azure, Office365, Power-BI, CRM, PowerApps

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